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The Broker Advantage

Why should you choose a broker over a bank or other lending source?

Apkar Services has the Broker Advantage. We are constantly pursuing new and unique financing programs to match the needs of our customers. Call (415) 453 - 9100 to discover solutions to your lending needs.

Residential Real Estate

The Apkar team will help you through every step of your residential real estate purchase. You will be pre-qualified, so agents and sellers know you are a serious buyer.
Purchase agreement? Credit report? Appraisal? Aged 60 days? Title report? Escrow? Underwriter? Are these terms no more than alphabet soup to you? Wondering how you will ever figure it out?

Call Apkar Services! We are here to help you find the answers.

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Commercial Real Estate

Apkar Services provides commercial loans for all types of properties from apartments to warehouses. We have loans for 'credit tenants' properties, and for hard money needs. If you have a problem property, client, or you just want to close fast, we have loans to solve your commercial lending problems.

Whether a first, second, construction or land loan, we have fixed or variable terms to fit your needs. If a conventional loan doesn't suit you, a private loan might be the right fit.

Check list for a commercial loan:

  1. Building address and type (apartment, office building, mall, church, hotel, industrial, land, mini-warehouse, mini-storage, retail, etc.)
  2. Estimated value of the property
  3. Loan amount needed
  4. Two years of tax returns is helpful, but not necessary
  5. A current rent roll

Apkar Services will review its investors to obtain the best program for you. We help you get what you need!

Rates are always fluctuating. Commercial property rates are based on:


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